Sonus Aluminum Restore - 16.9 oz.

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  • Sonus Aluminum  Restore - 16.9 oz.
  • Sonus Aluminum  Restore - 16.9 oz.
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Sonus Aluminum Restore is a revolutionary product that works quickly to remove oxidation from uncoated aluminum. This fast action cleaner removes deeply embedded road grime and oxidation from surfaces such as uncoated aluminum parts and wheels, fuel tanks and unpainted aluminum trailers and boats.

Simply spray on then hose off. For severely oxidized surfaces, a second application may be required. Also cleans roughcast surfaces such as intake manifolds and turbo style and magnesium wheels. Due to dulling, this product is not recommended for anodized or highly polished and well-maintained surfaces. Follow by using Sonus Aluminum Polish to restore a brilliant shine and Sonus Aluminum Sealant to maintain a long lasting protection.

Directions: Use in a well ventilated area and avoid breathing fumes. Use protective eye wear and gloves. Apply to one wheel at a time. Wheel must be cool. Hot wheels need to be rinsed with cool water before applying cleaner. Always start by spraying cleaner from bottom to top to eliminate streaking from cleaner running down on the wheel. If streaking occurs, simply spray additional product and rinse. Allow to penetrate 10 seconds. Do not allow product to dry on the surface. Always rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Be sure to rinse lug nut holes and wheels edge. For stubborn brake dust and road grime deposits, agitate surface with soft wheel brush then rinse.

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