Sonus Swirl Buster 16.9 oz.

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Swirl Remover Car Polish for Machine Polishing with a Porter Cable 7424 XP or Rotary Buffer:
  • Gently removes stubborn swirl marks & fine scratches.
  • Coats with acrylic fillers to hide remaining imperfections.
  • Finishes to a stunning gloss!
  • Sonus SwirlBuster Polish is a premium swirl remover and gloss enhancing car polish specifically formulated for the needs of modern clearcoat paint. This polish is not a heavy compound that abrasively cuts away a significant layer of paint. Use of compounds on clearcoat is a last resort action. Compounds thin the clearcoat, reducing depth of shine. On first use, Sonus SwirlBuster Polish rounds over the hard edges of swirl marks and fine scratches to reduce the random light reflections. The Acrylic resins in the polish backfill the low spots to further reduce their appearance. Unlike the silicone fillers found in many polishes and hand glazes, the Acrylic resins in SwirlBuster will not easily wash away. After a second use, SwirlBuster polish further massages away the swirl marks and begins to increase natural surface gloss. The Acrylic resins hide even more of the remaining defects and make the paint look darker and more reflective. After the third use, your swirl marks are completely gone and your paint finish will look like an infinite pool of water. All the while, your paint looks great and you have not reduced clearcoat thickness or the serviceable life of your car's paint. 16 oz
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