SONAX Ultrafine Microfiber Cloths

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Superior softness. Ultrafine. Perfect finish.

SONAX Ultrafine Microfiber Cloths are the perfect solution to buff off any product from your carís paint. Made from an 85/15 combination of polyester and polyamide, the SONAX Ultrafine Microfiber Cloths are softer than soft. If that is not enough to ease your mind about the safety of your paint, SONAX added rounded corners and seamed edges to further protect your carís finish. Your pack of SONAX Ultrafine Microfiber Cloths include three white towels with color coded seams, which allows for easy identification.

After spending hours or even days perfecting your carís finish, itís a detailerís worst nightmare when they realize their buffing towel left tiny scratches all over their carís paint. The SONAX Ultrafine Microfiber Cloth ensures the risk of potential marring is brought down to an absolute minimum. With a make up of both polyester and polyamide, the SONAX Ultrafine Microfiber Cloth is one of the softest towels on the market. With the addition of the smooth rounded corners and seamed edges, your carís finish is in good hands.

Admit it, youíve accidentally used the same towel to buff off your compound and polish, effectively doubling your work. Not only is your secret safe with us but we also have a solution! For your convenience, the towelsí seams are color coded. So, not that an expert like you would make such a mistake, but just in case, you can easily keep your towels separate.


  • Do not wash in temperatures above 140įF (60įC).
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Do not tumble dry.