SONAX Microfiber Wash Glove

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Item Description:

Soft fibers collect dirt while keep paint safe

Medium nap provides safety and agility

Separating seems and thumb pocket provides adequate grip

Elastic cuff ensures that the mitt stays securely on your hand

When German engineering meets the mitt!

The wash mitt may be a simple tool, but the SONAX Microfiber Wash Glove represents the quality you would expect from SONAX. The premium microfiber nap is a medium nap that allows dirt, road grime, and other contaminants to safely be pulled into the mitt. This medium nap keeps paint safe while keeping the mitt on the thinner side to remain agile and reactive on the surface. While SONAX knows you won’t be speeding across the paint, it still wanted to ensure that the SONAX Microfiber Wash Glove keeps up with your hand. Once you slide your hand in you’ll feel a separating seam by the thumb pocket. The provides sufficient grip and control as you work on the curves of your vehicle. To keep the SONAX Microfiber Wash Glove securely attached to your hand, you’ll find an elastic cuff that is embroidered with the SONAX name.

The SONAX Microfiber Wash Glove shows that updates to some of the simpler detailing tools can make the washing experience a better experience!

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