SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo - 500 ml.

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  • SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo - 500 ml.
  • SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo - 500 ml.
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Add a boost to your detailing regiment!

SONAX Ceramic Booster Shampoo was developed to extend the lifespan and gloss of your ceramic coating. Infused with SiO2, the active ingredient in most ceramic coatings, SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo adds and additional layer of this main ingredient each time you wash your paint. Not only does this maintain the appearance of your paint, but it also maintains the performance. SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo keeps water beading and sheeting on the surface as your coating ages. The extra hidden benefit to an SiO2 infused wash is in the drying process. SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo keeps the surface tension high and helps water flow from the surface and improves the drying experience.

What are ceramic car washes?

A ceramic car wash isn't a coating, but they are designed to work in conjunction with coatings. Ceramic washes utilize SiO2, or silica dioxide, to aid and maintain the high surface tension created by the coating itself. Ceramic car washes like SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo use this active ingredient to boost your protection while simultaneously washing your paint!

Can you use a ceramic wash on uncoated paint?

Yes! You don't have to have a ceramic coating to enjoy the benefit of a ceramic wash. Since a ceramic wash contains SiO2, you'll simply be adding a lighter layer of protection. While this can serve as a stand-alone layer of protection, it's recommended to use dedicated paint protectant. Products like SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating bridge the gap from the complex coating installations and will pair perfectly with SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo.

How do you wash a ceramic coated car?

Washing a coated vehicle is the same as washing a car topped with wax or sealant. Continue to use safe wash practices. Since each coating has its own formulation and recommendations, check with the brand of coating to ensure you've allowed adequate time from the installation before the first wash. This is generally around a week to two weeks after applied. Using products like SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo will help maintain and improve the overall lifespan of your ceramic coating.

How to use SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo:

  1. Work out of direct sunlight!
  2. Add 2 oz. of Coating Maintenance Wash to a 5-gallon bucket.
  3. Activate the suds in the bucket using a strong jet of water.
  4. Wash vehicle with a clean microfiber towel or wash mitt, using best washing practices, meaning wash top to bottom.
  5. DO NOT allow product to dry on paint, rinse and dry surface completely after washing.

500 ml. (16.9 oz.)

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