Sonax Car Breeze 500 ml.

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Powerful deodorizer eliminates foul smells at their source

Easy spray-and-forget application

Removes nicotine, animal, and other odors

Subtle perfume leaves a pleasant, fresh scent

Sonax Car Breeze is a powerful deodorizer designed to eliminate foul smells at their source! Don't let the fresh smelling scent of Sonax Car Breeze fool you! This is not a simple perfume, but rather an advanced chemical which attacks odor causing agents at their source. Sonax Car Breeze is easy to apply, smells great, and provides long lasting results.

Foul odors can quickly ruin the driving experience. Nicotine, rotting food, animal waste, and mold can quickly make driving your car a nightmare. Simply spray Sonax Car Breeze liberally in the interior and on any affected surfaces to eliminate odor at the source. Put the joy back in driving with Sonax Car Breeze!

500ml. (16.9 oz.)
Made in Germany

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