RUPES Rotary Fine Compound - 250 ml

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Specifically designed abrasives to match the performance of rotary polishers

Silicone free formulation is perfect for body shops

Unique formulation of viscosity and aggressiveness for ideal defect removal

Fine cut quickly removes defects and leaves a refined, glossy finish

For a fine finish with your rotary machine!

RUPES Rotary Fine Compound was developed tackle light to moderate imperfections with rotary machines. RUPES Rotary Fine Compound was formulated to complement the high speeds and torque of rotary polishers without buckling under the intense pressure. For this, RUPES started from the ground up, formulating RUPES Rotary Fine Compound in-house using in-depth research. The result is a high-quality abrasive mix that consistently delivers consistent cutting power throughout the buffing cycle.

RUPES Rotary Fine Compound uses a fine, water-soluble abrasive mix to eliminate paint defects while still producing a hologram free finish. RUPES Rotary Fine Compound is formulated to perfect finishes on particularly hard clear coats while not being overly aggressive on softer paints. RUPES Rotary Fine Compound is a unique composition that consistently removes defects across various paint types with ease. This ensures RUPES Rotary Fine Compound delivers the final cut needed for maximum gloss!

250 ml.

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