Rupes DA Fine Polishing Compound - 250 ml.

Item Description:

Micro-abrasive technology for optimal cutting and finishing

Proprietary formulation created in-house, in Italy, by RUPES

Ideal for one-step light defect removal or as a stage two after RUPES D-A COARSE

Easy wipe off reduces the chance of towel marks on soft paints

FINE-ally! Smooth cutting power.

RUPES D-A FINE balances on the fine line between cutting power and finishing capabilities. RUPES D-A FINE is the result of extensive testing by RUPES to produce a fine polish that combines impressive cutting power along with an impressive finish. Developed in house in, in Italy, RUPES D-A FINE brings superior micro-abrasive technology to RUPES polishing system. RUPES D-A FINE is ideal for one-step defect removal or as stage two in the RUPES polishing system. The enhanced finishing capabilities along with an easy wipe of ensure youíll have a level of gloss thatís RUPES approved.

POWERFUL! Cuts above its class when compared to most ďfineĒ polishes.
RUPES D-A FINE isnít your run of the mill polish. This proprietary formula packs a bite that you wonít find in most of the fine polishes on the market today. RUPES D-A FINEís unique abrasive technology is powerful enough to remove moderate imperfections while still finishing out smoothly nearly every paint type you will encounter.

SMOOTH FINISH! New micro-abrasive technology produces an impeccable finish.
While you may think RUPES D-A FINE is just magic in a bottle, itís actually the culmination of hours of research and testing. This proprietary potion of micro-abrasive technology cuts through defects and finishes out to a smooth, glossy finish.

VERSATILE! Perfect for one-step correction as well as the 2nd step in a correction process.
RUPES D-A FINE is step 2 of the RUPES polishing system, but that doesnít mean you have to use it that way. RUPES D-A FINE is versatile. Use it as a one-step system to remove moderate imperfections, or as step 2 in your polishing system. With the new micro-abrasive technology contained in RUPES D-A FINE you can tackle just about any paint type that comes your way.


  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Select pad type based on desired level of defect removal and finish quality.
  • Prime pad by applying D-A FINE to the face of the pad.
  • Work the product in a section 6x the size of the polishing pad being used, applying light to moderate pressure.
  • Wipe away residue with a clean, soft microfiber cloth and inspect the surface for results.

250 ml. (8.4 oz.)

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By Dan
Shelby Township, MI
Hoping it would be better.
May 25, 2021
Overall DA Fine produced nice results. Tested with both DA yellow foam and yellow wool pads on both Flex XCE forced rotation and Flex XFE free-spinning polishers.

Not much cut. If you need any correction at all you'll need to step up to a medium or heavy cutting compound. Unless perhaps you are working on very soft paint. Overall finish was nice though even though correction was very limited. Hard to imagine where you'd need to reach for UNO pure. This is a pretty fine polish itself.

Very little dust, but not the same as many products that produce zero dust. But very easy to clean up whatever little dust it produced. Biggest issue for me is that wipe off is a pain. I usually like to finish polishing an entire panel like a door or a hood and then wipe off the product at the end of the entire panel. Well this stuff is a bear to wipe off if you do not wipe off after each section. Stopping to wipe off after each section just adds more time to the detail and that's the opposite thing that I want.

I will not be purchasing again as there are better products that I have used.
Great finish. Not much cut. Need to wipe off immediately after each section.
By Mary B.
Burnsville MN
Rupes fine gel polish
May 5, 2016
Very thick, like paste. My 8mm couldn't work it in, was still creamy on pad after 2x2 section, still gave a good shine. Will come back to this polish with a longthrow for sure.
Color coding, name brand, gel with long work time, easy on/off.