Optimum Opti-Glass Clean and Protect 17 oz.

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Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect saves you time and enhances your safety. As you clean your exterior glass with Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect, you leave behind a substantial polymer barrier. There is no need for a separate protection step. This barrier is hydrophobic and will cause water to bead and roll of the glass, improving wet weather visibility, which allows you to see the challenges ahead of you. Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect will clean glass surfaces without streaking. This powerful cleaner removes dirt and cuts through stubborn road film with ease. As you clean the glass, substantial polymers bond to surface which adds considerable protection. Water will bead away effortlessly while oil, grease and other grime will not stick. Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect can be used by itself or in combination with Opti-Glass Coating. Poor vision, created by water film, is one of the leading causes of car accidents in rain storms. Sadly, windshield wipers tend to lose their performance suddenly when they age, leaving your vision drowning under a sheet of water at highway speeds. Optimum Opt-Glass Clean & Protect causes water to roll off the glass quickly, so your vision stays clear. Don't just clean your glass, protect it with Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect. 17 oz.
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