Pinnacle Glass Clean & Protect Combo

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The Pinnacle Glass Clean & Protect Combo covers everything you need to your glass back to perfect clarity!

4 oz. Pinnacle’s Ultra Poly Clay - Pinnacle’s Ultra Poly Clay is the single finest clay composition available today. Ultra Poly Clay is substantially finer than our original Poly Clay, while maintaining all of its advantages. With this ultra fine clay, you can maintain a totally clean, sleek finish everyday. We’re calling it “enthusiast grade” for perfectionists who want that just-clayed finish all the time!

16 oz. Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner - Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner is all you need to conquer the contamination that impairs your glass clarity. If you didn’t get it from the name, the advanced formula effortlessly removes road film, insects dirt, and even smokers film. The formula for Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner is phosphate and ammonia free to ensure it’s safe for tinted windows. An additional benefit of this is that you’ll never have to worry about streaks or smudges!

16 oz. Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant - Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent is an advanced glass sealant that benefits you as well as your automobile's windows. Having clear, clean windows not only protects your safety while driving, but it also protects your automobile by giving you greater control. Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent coats your glass with a protective sealant that increases your wet weather visibility, reduces your wiper use, increases optical clarity, and keeps your glass cleaner for longer. It does all this while reducing contaminant build-up. With Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent you can treat your windows to the same care usually reserved for its paint. Your automobile deserves it and so do you.

2 Qty. Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towels - The Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towel was engineered for cleaning. Tiny spokes in the individual fibers, too microscopic to detect with the naked eye, lift and trap dirt and moisture, while gently buffing the surface to a shine. Microfiber is designed to never shed lint.

2 Qty. Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber Towels - The Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber Towel is perfect for buffing because it has a deep pile where dirt and dust can accumulate away from the paint, rather than being rubbed into the paint. Plus, the long, silky microfibers do an excellent job of massaging away fingerprints and smudges.

2 Qty. Foam Wax ApplicatorPerhaps the most utilized waxing tool of all times, the traditional foam wax applicator is definitely a staple among the car buff’s arsenal. This durable little guy withstands wax after wax after wax and still delivers unbeatable results. Microfiber may be best for the dressing, but I can’t do without foam for the chrome. All joking aside, the bottom line is this: we are after the best result we can humanly achieve when it comes to our car care.