Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash - 48 oz.

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Item Description:

Custom formulated for surface coatings

Contains SiO2 technology

Wont’s strip protection or leave filmy residue

Perfect for use in foam cannons or foam guns


Boost beading with every wash!

Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash is formulated to enhance your current layer of protection and give your beading a boost! Formulated specifically for the needs of surface coatings and waxes, Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash contains a blend of SiO2 and wax technology to increase the protection properties while you wash away contamination. Even though Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash is designed for surface coatings, the pH balanced formula won’t strip softer protectants like waxes or sealants. The dynamic hybrid blend won’t leave film or residue behind regardless of your preferred wash style. Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash can be used with a traditional bucket system, a foam gun, or a foam cannon. The result will always be a rich foam that leaves a slick finish.

What is a ceramic wash?

Ceramic washes are blended with active ingredients to produce an additional layer of protection when used. This allows the main chemical components of the wash to continue to work on removing road grime, dirt, and other contamination. Once rinsed, the only thing that will remain is extra layer of SiO2 and wax from Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash.

Do ceramic washes work?

Yes! Think about ceramic washes like wash and wax style products. They are designed to maintain a coated surface just like a wash and wax would maintain a waxed surface. The only difference between the two is the technology. Ceramics are normally based on SiO2 and therefore use SIO2 based maintenance products like Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash.

Does a ceramic wash replace a coating?

No, a wash won’t be able to replace a ceramic coating. Ceramic washes are disinged to maintain an already coated surface. Products like Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash do contain the active ingredients to do this, but there are not concentrated. For the best results, use a dedicated protectant like Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Wax and maintain it with Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash.

How to use Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash:

Hand Wash:

  • Pour a small amount (about 1 oz. per gallon) of Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash into bucket. Add water with hose pressure.
  • Hose off vehicle to remove loos dirt.
  • Working one area at a time, shampoo vehicle with clean sponge or wash mitt.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft, clean microfiber towel.

Touchless Wash - Foam Cannon or Gun:
*Follow tool manufacture’s direction for best results.

  • Add desired amount of Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Car Wash to the soap dispensing bottle
  • Foam the entire vehicle and allow adequate dwell time to loosen contaminants.
  • Agitate with a wash mitt if needed
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean, microfiber towel or drying system.

48 oz.

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