Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Wax - 16 oz.

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The nostalgia of wax – the power of ceramic!

Make no mistake, this isn't your fathers car wax. Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Wax is an ultra-fine polish blended with SiO2 designed to create a shine any mother will love. The mix of fine polishing abrasives will remove minor imperfections and oxidation while promoting proper adhesion of the protection. This unique approach to application paves the way for a long lasting and durable shine. Once applied to the paint, Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Wax creates a super hydrophobic surface that repels water and works to prevent the bond of contamination. Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Wax eliminates the learning curves you see with traditional ceramic products by allowing you to wax on and wax off, just like the good ole' days.

CLASSIC APPLICATION! Simple and nostalgic application process!
You shouldn't need to sacrifice protection for ease of application, and Mothers agrees! Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Wax was formulated to forgo the painstaking application process that you normally see with ceramic based products. Simply wax on, wax off, and enjoy!

CERAMIC DURABILITY! Advanced SiO2 technology yields ceramic level protection!
You'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that this simple application yields great durability. SiO2 combine with carnauba additives create a long-lasting shine that you can be proud of. The bond of Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Wax last nearly twice as long as traditional waxes and holds up better in harsher climates.

ENHANCES! Create stunning gloss, color, and clarity without the complex application!
Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Wax is much more than just a wax. To create a truly immaculate shine, Mothers incorporated a blend of ultra-fine polishing abrasives to refine the surface while simultaneously creating a perfect bond. This peculiar approach enhances the appearance by removing minor imperfections and creates a captivating gloss.


Shake well before & during use. Finish should be clean, dry, and cool. Wax one section at a time.

Hand or Machine Use:

  • Dispense a small amount of Ceramic Wax onto a soft, clean microfiber towel, applicator, or foam buffing pad.
  • Working in 2-3 square foot sections, spread product thoroughly and evenly onto finish.
  • Allow product to dry to a haze.
  • Remove haze with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Turn towel frequently for best buffing action.

NOTE: To avoid wax reside on trim moldings and other non-painted plastic surfaces, first apply any of your favorite Mothers trim car products

16 oz.

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