Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax - 24 oz.

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Mother's knows best when it comes to paint protection!

Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax delivers ceramic levels of shine and protection while keeping the application effortless. The slick, high-lubricity formulation combines wax and Si02 to create a glow your mother would be proud of. Each application of Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray gently cleans the surface while leaving behind a liquidy-gloss that you know can only come from Mothers. Use Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray as a stand-alone product or to top off your existing wax or sealant!

EASY! As simple as spray wax – as sophisticated as ceramic!
Don't get lost in instruction videos or start studying chemistry just to put on a paint protectant! Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray is a simple solution for ceramic protection. This hybrid wax formula is fortified with SiO2 to provide superior levels of protection with ease!

RELENTLESS BEADING! Watch water shimmer off the surface in a snap!
Don't settle when it comes to hydrophobics. The SiO2 in Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray does more than just boost protection – it delivers a dazzling level of hydrophobics that allows water to dance off the surface. Not only is this appealing to the eye, it also helps prevent any hard water from etching into your finish!

LIQUIDY-GLOSS! Create a sea of shine on every body panel
Think you can't create deep gloss with a spray and wipe application? Wrong! Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray creates a liquid-like gloss in seconds. No waiting for hazing or spending hours at a time applying protection. Just spray, buff, and enjoy. With all the time you'll save using Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray, you may just want to pick up another car to work on!


  • Spray Ceramic Spray Wax liberally onto a small area.
  • Using a clean, dry microfiber towel, gently spread product evenly over surface.
  • Allow a few minutes for product to bond to surface.
  • With a separate, clean microfiber towel, thoroughly buff surface dry.
  • Repeat process until vehicle is complete
  • Always keep a clean, dry towel handy. It may be necessary to switch to a clean, dry towel as it becomes too saturated.
  • If product drying occurs, reapply Ceramic Spray Wax to affected area and buff dry.

NOTE: Best results are achieved on a well-maintained finish, free of paint defects, waxes, oils, or contaminants.

24 oz.

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