Cobra Merino Wool Wash Mitt

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The Cobra Merino Wool Wash Mitt doesn't just wash your paint, it pampers it with velvet-soft Merino wool. This makes the Australian born and bred wash mitt the ideal choice to prevent wash induced swirl marks and safely remove dirt from the most delicate paint finishes. The Cobra Merino Wool Wash Mitt will protect your paint and deliver a clean, undisturbed finish each time. At first, it may seem strange that a country known for crocodile hunting, great white sharks and the rugged Outback could deliver a product so soft, gentle and fluffy. There is a softer side of Australia, one that includes kangaroos, koala bears and Merino sheep. Merino sheep are highly sought after in the clothing industry for the extremely soft wool they produce. The Cobra Merino Wool Wash Mitt is made of the finest genuine long-hair Merino wool. Only the softest, carefully selected long-hair Merino wool is used in the construction of the Cobra Merino Wool Wash Mitt to ensure the safest, most gentle wash available. The fluffy, long-hair Merino wool lifts dirt from the surface and hides it the plush pile, preventing scratches and damage. The Cobra Merino Wool Wash Mitt holds an ample amount soap solution to keep the surface lubricated as you safely wipe away dirt and filth. Known as the Aussie, this 100% Merino wool mitt slips over your hand to provide you with 360 degrees of cleaning power. The long, silky wool pile will trap dirt as you wash and release it when submerged in a rinse bucket. For the best results, use the Cobra Merino Wool Wash Mitt in conjunction with the two-bucket wash method and a high-lubricity car soap such as BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Conditioning Shampoo. The Cobra Merino Wool Wash Mitt is extremely long wearing and will last much longer than traditional sheepskin wash mitts with proper care. Because it is a natural wash mitt, made from genuine sheepskin, the Aussie may have grass or earthy debris deep in the pile. Brush with fine tooth metal comb or sturdy brush prior to use. Wash with plain water or a dedicated wool detergent after use and hang to dry. Pamper your car while you wash with it with soft, luxurious Cobra Merino Wool Wash Mitt.
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