Cobra Clay Mitt

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The Cobra Clay Mitt is the easy way to remove embedded contaminants from your vehicle. Featuring a high-tech rubberized coating on one side, this wash mitt gently removes below surface contamination while you wash! The Cobra Clay Mitt is much easier to use than traditional clay since it never requires re-kneading, and if you drop it, simply rinse it off and keep using it—try that with a traditional clay bar! The key to achieving perfectly smooth paint on your vehicle starts with removing all of the contamination that builds up over time. While your car may look clean after being washed, there are thousands of tiny pieces of brake dust, road grime, and other contaminants that are actually embedded in the paint. No amount of scrubbing with your standard wash mitt (which is not recommended anyway!) will remove that. The Cobra Clay Mitt is grabs contaminants and pulls them out of the surface leaving paint smooth and ready for the polishing step. The Cobra Clay Mitt is easy to use and utilizes the lubrication in your wash solution to glide across paint without damaging it. While traditional clay bas require constant re-kneading and need to be tossed if they hit the ground, the Cobra Clay Mitt requires only a rinse to remove any dirt or grime, making it an excellent value! The Cobra Clay Mitt strong enough to remove tough contaminants, yet gentle enough to do so without causing marring or scratching. The mitt design slips easily onto your hand and stays put throughout the washing process. The Cobra Clay Mitt simplifies the way you decontaminate paint! 5.5" x 8.5"
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