GTechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish

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GTechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish is a highly advanced compound/polish/finish formula that does the work of 3 different products in one. With an increased amount of active particles working on the surface, your desired results will be achieved faster than with a traditional polish. With no silicones or fillers included, your results are true and require no additional work! GTechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish features: • Low-Heat – GTechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish uses nano-particle abrasives that are all the same size. All of these smaller abrasives means less heat is generated and you are less likely to burn through the paint – making Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish perfect for both professional detailers and enthusiasts! Directions for use:
• Work on a cool surface out of direct sunlight. Shake well before use.
• Apply several pea-sized drops of products onto your foam cutting or polishing pad and polish the surfaces using standard polishing techniques (if you're unsure what these are, check out our how-to guide for more information!).
• Once product has been worked away, use a clean microfiber towel to buff away excess product.
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