GTechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish - 500 ml.

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Creates a high-gloss finish

Contains nanoscale alpha alumina particles

Reflows the surface to reduce damage to the surface

Reflows the surface to reduce damage to the surface

Redefine how you polish your vessel!

Gtechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish isnít your standard marine polish. This formula is true to the motto of Gtechinq Ė Smart Surface Science. Gtechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish contains a blend of nanoscale alpha alumina particles that reflow the surface. This unique approach reduces the damage done to the surface and allows Gtechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish to be safe for use on topcoats. The multi-stage process is still just as effective at removing defects without the abundance of compound abrasives. Gtechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish prevents unsightly buffer trails while achieving a flawless, high-gloss finish.


  • If the surface is heavily oxidized, polish first using a cutting pad with a rotary polisher.
  • For less oxidized surfaces use a medium polishing pad. Then finish with a softer finishing pad with a rotary polisher
  • Buff with a microfiber towel until you have a streak-free finish.
  • If you find it hard to remove the product, wipe with a wet microfiber towel and then buff with a dry one.

500 ml.

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