GTechniq Marine Rinse-On Ceramic - 500 ml

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Simple hose-on solution to protection

Fast and effective

Creates impressive hydrophobic properties

Provides up to three months of protection

Coat your boat without dropping the hose!

Gtechniq Rinse-On-Ceramic is the fastest way to coat your vessel, period. Gtechniq Rinse-On-Ceramic is a near hands-free solution to marine protection. The product almost applies itself! Combining Gtechniq’s Smart Surface Science with free-flowing water cascades protective properties across the surface, using water and gravity as the carrier. Following up with a strong jet of water to activate this ceramic-based coating unlocks protection from harmful UV rays and marine contamination for up to 3 months!

EASY! Gtechniq Rinse-On-Ceramic is a near hands free solution to marine protection!
Boats big or small require a lot of time when it comes to maintenance. Especially since you must wash it every time you pull it out of the water! Gtechniq Rinse-On-Ceramic provides you with a simple and easy way to combine protection right into your washing regiment. You don’t even need to drop the hose! Gtechniq Rinse-On-Ceramic attaches right to your hose and rinses protection across the surface!

ADVANCED! Proprietary Smart Surface Science technology delivers an impressive level of protection!
This isn’t a fancy spray wax that will fade away before the next weekend. Gtechniq Rinse-On-Ceramic is a true ceramic based formulation that combines ease of application with robust protection technology. Gtechniq Rinse-On-Ceramic takes minutes to apply and will leave you with protection lasting up to 3 months!

GLOSSY! Provides a slick gloss on its own or boosts the gloss of existing protection!
Whether you have protection already on your vessel or are working with bare gelcoat, Gtechniq Rinse-On-Ceramic is a solution for you. The ceramic-based protection properties crosslinks and bonds to the surface of the gelcoat, or the layer of already existing protection! Gtechniq Rinse-On-Ceramic is compatible with the rest of the Gtechinq Marine line as an easy, gloss enhancing maintenance solution!


  • Insert hose attachment, connect hose and then thoroughly rinse down all surfaces.
  • Turn the forward knob to introduce the coating into the water feed.
  • Apply to an area measuring no more than 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m).
  • Once all surfaces have been fully coated, turn the forward knob back to its original position and rinse down all surfaces thoroughly.
  • When rinsed, dry with a microfiber drying towel

500 ml.

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