GTechniq G4 Glass Nano Polish

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GTechniq G4 Glass Nano Polish is an advanced glass polishing formula that utilizes nano-abrasive technology paired with citric acid to remove even the toughest, hard-bonded surface contaminants on your glass surfaces. Water based and containing no silicones or oils, GTechniq G4 Glass Nano Polish leaves only one thing behind – a perfectly polished glass surface. GTechniq G4 Glass Nano Polish features: • Nano-Abrasives – Gtechniq G4 Glass Nano Polish features microscopic abrasives that gently remove surface contaminants without causing any further damage to the surface. Too often polishes feature a formula that actually causes more harm than good – but not GTechniq G4 Glass Nano Polish! By combining these nano-abrasives with citric acid, your glass will be polished and clear in no time! Directions for use:
• Shake well before use.
• Apply using a foam polishing pad.
• Work the product in a circular motion.
• Remove excess product using a clean microfiber towel.
• If product dries on the surface before removal, damped with water to reactive and remove. 100 ml.
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