Griots Garage Complete Polish 16 oz.

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Griots Garage Complete Polish replaces Griots Garage Machine Polish 3 and Machine Polish 4 Griots Garage Complete Polish is a light polish ideal for use on well-maintained vehicles or for refining paint after compounding. Designed for removing light swirl marks, hairline scratches, detailing haze, and other mild imperfections, this formula works great as a standalone polish or as a follow up to a heavier compound. Griots Garage Complete Polish perfectly prepares the surface of your vehicle for your favorite wax, sealant, or paint coating. Whether you're in the midst of a full scale three stage detail, or your well-maintained vehicle simply needs a little finessing, Griots Garage Complete Polish is the ideal product for you! Its sub-micron abrasives have been engineered to consistently polish away mild imperfections without causing any new ones. Griots Garage Complete Polish eliminates any minor blemishes from paint leaving the surface ready for your last step product. Griots Garage Complete Polish contains a perfect mixture of sub-micron abrasives along with rich polishing actives that enhance color and leave the surface shiny and silky smooth. The easy-to-use formula makes the final polishing step a breeze so you can move on to applying your favorite LSP. For best results, apply Griots Garage Complete Polish using a random orbital polisher equipped with a foam polishing pad. 16 oz.
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