Griots Garage Ceramic All-In-One - 16 oz.

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Versatile product can be used by hand or machine

Sub-micron abrasives remove fine surface defects

Leaves a durable layer of protection behind

Creates a superior hydrophobic and glossy surface

Advanced Paint Correction Meets SiO2!

Looking for the complete package in one step? Meet Griotís Garage Ceramic All-In-One Wax, a durable one-step solution to paint correction and protection! Griotís Garage Ceramic All-In-One Wax is formulated with a sophisticated blend of sub-micron abrasives to remove fine surface defects. This delivers a refined surface for the best gloss level. Mixed in with those fine abrasives is SiO2 polymer technology. This ceramic aspect of the formulation provides superior protection, gloss, and performance when compared with other all-in-one formulas. Griotís Garage Ceramic All-In-One Wax will redefine your expectations of a one-step product!

ADVANCED ABRASIVES! Sub-micron abrasives remove light defects and refines paint!
Donít settle for fillers and coverup style polishes. Griotís Garage Ceramic All-In-One Wax contains a rich polishing oils and abrasives that maximize depth and color. Sub-micron polishing abrasives removes light imperfections from the surface while polishing oils enrich maximize mind blowing depth and color.

CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY! Formulated with SiO2 Ceramic Polymer technology for durable protection
What sets Griotís Garage Ceramic All-In-One Wax apart from other one-step style products? Itís the enhanced blend of SiO2 ceramic polymer technology that creates a powerful level of protection and gloss! This unique formulation adds extra protection power and hydrophobics that many similar products lack. While many one-step products rely on carnauba and polymers, Griotís Garage Ceramic All-In-One Wax fortifies the formulation with new ceramic technology.

POWERFUL GLOSS & PROTECTION! Blended polishing oils, abrasives, and SiO2 creates stunning gloss!
Each application of Griotís Garage Ceramic All-In-One Wax goes through multiple steps to produce a radiant gloss. The blend of sub-micron abrasives refine the surface for the SiO2 polymer technology to bond and create a gloss that Richard Griot would be proud of! While this process normally takes multiple steps, Griotís Garage Ceramic All-In-One Wax achieves this in just one. Griotís Garage Ceramic All-In-One Wax can be used by hand or machine, but to make the most of the sub-micron abrasives and get the best results, we recommend machine application.

16 oz.

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