Griots Garage Glass Polish

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Griots Garage Glass Polish is an easy-to-use glass polish that quickly eliminates water spots and mineral deposits from your vehicleís glass. This unique formula contains micro-abrasives that make short work of restoring the smoothness and clarity of your glass. Griots Garage Glass Polish is so versatile, it can be used on shower doors, windows, and any other glass surface suffering from water spots!

Water spots are an annoying fact of life. They occur when glass gets wet, and the water is left to evaporate. The spots are composed of any minerals in the water that get left behind after evaporation. These mineral deposits arenít just unsightly, they wreak havoc on windshield wipers that have to constantly scrape over them. The good news is that once you arm yourself with the right products, removing them is possible! Griots Garage Glass Polish not only makes it possible, it also makes it easy!

Griots Garage Glass Polish contains safe and effective micro-abrasives that polish away mineral deposits with ease. Apply it by hand, or get some extra help with the aid of a machine polisher. Since water spots are simply a fact of life, clear a spot on your detailing shelf for Griots Garage Glass Polish!

NOTE: For use on uncoated glass only. Do not use on window tint.

8 oz.

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