GlassParency Graphene Coating - 50 ml.

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Give your paint a GLASS-Parency finish!

Looking for more performance than a ceramic can offer? Meet GlassParency Graphene Coating, the next evolution of paint protection. GlassParency Graphene Coating combines the insane durability of ceramic coatings and boosts its performance with graphene. This hybrid blend will redefine how you think of ceramic protection. GlassParency Graphene Coating increased all of its best properties while improving the application experience. The unmatched hydrophobics combined with extreme slickness and gloss will leave you in awe. If you're ready to get more performance out of your paint protection, look no further than GlassParency Graphene Coating!

ENHANCED DURABILITY! Get 5 years or more out of your paint protection!
GlassParency Graphene Coating pushes the fold of protection with a single layer lasting 3-4 years and 2 layers pushing past 5 years. Yes, you read that right. 5 years. GlassParency Graphene Coating combines ceramic attributes reinforced with graphene to create paint coating like no other. Stop lowering your expectations to be satisfied with the results. Just grab GlassParency Graphene Coating!

IMPROVED APPLICATION! Extended working time eases the application process!
It's time that coatings became a bit more forgiving in the application process. Nobody wants to study to apply paint protection! The formulation of GlassParency Graphene Coating increases cure time to extend the working time during application. This provides an improved application experience with phenomenal results. No professional certification required to apply!

ADVANCED GLOSS! Bring depth, gloss, and slickness together in a single bottle!
GlassParency Graphene Coating delivers much more than just protection. Each application of GlassParency Graphene Coating brings unparalleled gloss and hydrophobics to your paint. Not only is this appeasing to the eye, it also helps reduce the chances of water spotting. If water sheets off the paint, it won't have the chance to leave any minerals behind!


  • Shake the bottle well before opening and apply several drops onto your coating applicator pad. *Make sure the cap is screwed back on tightly so it doesn't spill, and the remaining liquid doesn't start to harden in the bottle.
  • Start with the upper panels of the vehicle and work your way down to avoid accidentally rubbing against the coating before it cures. Apply the coating in sections using a side-to-side, top-to-bottom motion to ensure even coverage.
  • Once applied, give the coated area 2 to 4 minutes (depending on your elevation and the humidity) to “flash" or “rainbow" and allow the liquid to evaporate and begin the curing process.
  • Using a high-quality microfiber towel, buff the surface with light pressure, flipping the towel occasionally to use clean fibers. Use the same side-to-side, top-to-bottom motion as used when applying the coating. Make sure you level any high spots before the coating becomes less pliable.
  • If you're layering the coating for added durability and longevity, make sure you allow approximately 40 to 60 minutes between layers for each section to begin curing and become "tacky" before adding the next layer. If you wait too long, the layer below may repel and prevent the next layer from properly adhering. This may result in a "foggy" appearance that will require correction.

50 ml.

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