GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating - 8 oz.

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Slick shine in a fraction of the time!

Graphene coatings don't always need to be complex. GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating provides a simple and easy alternative that doesn't sacrifice results. Each application of GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating coats your paint in an ultra-hydrophobic layer of protection. As the name implies, GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating is formulated with an infusion of graphene to provide superior protection with an easy application. GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating is designed to be used as a stand-alone sealant but can also be used as a topper or maintenance product for ceramic and graphene-based coatings. GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating will quickly add a slick and glossy finish!

EFFORTLESS APPLICATION! Skip the complex application of ceramic and graphene coatings
Keep it simple and keep it shining. GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating is an easy to apply graphene-based coating that gives you all the benefits of a coating, without the complex application. GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating utilizes a unique formulation that eases the application process and simplifies the application process.

SUPERIOR PROTECTION! Step into the future of paint protection with graphene!
Ceramic and SiO2 based products are great, but have you experienced graphene protection yet? The increased durability, anti-static properties, and durability of graphene-based protection are unmatched. GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating is designed for up to a year of protection with its simple, and easy to installation application. So, you can reap all the benefits of a graphene coating without the complexity.

PERFECT TOPPER! Boost the gloss and protection of your existing ceramic or graphene coating!
GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating was designed as a stand-alone protectant, but it actually makes a perfect topper for graphene and ceramic-based coatings. An additional coat of GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating adds gloss, slickness, and protective attributes to your existing protection. This makes it perfect for maintaining that freshly detailed look while ensuring your existing protection reaches its maximum lifespan!


  • For a controlled application, spray Graphene Spray Coating onto a clean microfiber towel or coating applicator. You may spray the coating directly onto a panel, however, be cautious of over-spray to avoid high spots.
  • Work the product into the panel using a cross-hatch pattern (side-to-side, top-to-bottom) to ensure even coverage.
  • You will notice the product flash/rainbow on the surface. Continue wiping to ensure coating is fully and evenly distributed.

8 oz.

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