DP GR4 Graphene Coating - 30 ml.

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Protects your paint for up to 4 years

Graphene-oxide resins create rock-hard protection

Unparalleled levels of hydrophobicity

Quite literally the strongest material known to man – now in a paint coating!

DP GR4 Graphene Coating is the next level of car care. By utilizing graphene as a base for this coating, DP now has one of the strongest coatings available. Graphene is, by definition, the strongest material known to humankind and will provide unparalleled levels of gloss, hydrophobicity, and protection to all coated surfaces. DP GR4 Graphene Coating can be used on paint, glass, chrome, trim, and even plastic headlights. With a protection period of up to 4 years, you might just need a new car before you need a new paint coating!

Graphene is the newest in car care protection. While not exactly new, graphene has just made it’s way to the car care industry – and for good reason! As graphene is the strongest material known to humankind, it’s the perfect base for car care protection. Just one application of DP GR4 Graphene Coating will provide a microns-thick barrier on treated surfaces helping to protect against dirt, water, and other contaminants on the surface.

Thanks to that graphene base, DP GR4 Graphene Coating provides up to 4 years of protection on paint, glass, chrome, trim, and even plastic headlights. The long protection life is in part thanks to the self-cleaning capabilities of the DP GR4 Graphene Coating. Surface contamination isn’t able to grab on to the surface to hinder gloss and potentially cause damage – it simply rolls right off!

When a car care product is deemed “hydrophobic” that means that water will simply roll off or sheet away from the surface rather than pooling and eventually drying there. When water high in minerals dries on the surface, you can be left with waterspots that require machine polishing to remove. DP GR4 Graphene Coating creates a layer of protection with such a strong surface tension that the water simply rolls away from the surface, harmlessly falling to the ground.


  • Wash, dry, and correct surface if needed. If correction work is done, use DP Coating Prep Spray to remove any remaining polishing oils that will prevent proper bonding.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply several drops of product onto a microfiber applicator and apply to a 3 sq. ft. x 3 sq. ft. area using a back and forth, cross-hatch pattern. Allow for slight overlap for even coverage.
  • Allow the area to set for approximately 1-2 minutes before gently removing excess product with a clean microfiber towel.
  • Continue until completed.
  • A second coat can be applied after about an hour
  • Keep coated surfaces dry for 24-48 hours.

30 ml.

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