Four Star Ultimate Auto Wash Shampoo

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A luxurious car wash shampoo and conditioner for discriminating car owners.

Four Star developed Ultimate Auto Wash Shampoo to satisfy and delight the most finicky car enthusiast.

It all starts with a perfect blend of mild cleaners, gloss enhancers and tropical oils that safely clean and condition your car's paint. Ultimate Auto Wash Shampoo is so gentle it won't remove waxes and sealants, yet it's tough enough to take on the worst road grime.

The secret to Ultimate Auto Wash Shampoo's cleansing power is in the suds! Four Star's advanced foaming technology suspends natural conditioning oils and polymers in the suds. After the surfactant cleaners surround and loosen the soil, the natural oils and polymers make their way to the finish to condition and protect the paint. The superior lubrication allows built-up dirt and grime to be safely and effortlessly washed away.

The Ultimate Auto Wash formula, with gloss enhancing polymers, leaves a sparkling clean finish that's, conditioned (gloss and slickness restored) and protected.

Ultimate Auto Wash Shampoo creates mounds of long-lasting, luxurious, aromatic bubbles that are gentle on all exterior surfaces.

Ultimate Auto Wash Shampoo is pH balanced (neutral), free of harsh detergents and toxins, and completely safe for your skin and the environment.

16 oz.

Made in the USA


  • Dispense 1 oz. of Ultimate Auto Wash Shampoo into a clean bucket. 
  • Add heavy jet of water to activate foam.
  • Rinse vehicle to remove any loose dirt.  
  • Starting at the top of vehicle and working down, apply with a soft sponge or wash mitt. 
  • Work in a small area at a time, rinsing frequently to avoid drying. 
  • Dry vehicle with a clean towel or chamois.  

Note: Protect from extreme heat and freezing.

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