Diamondite Restore and Protect Headlight Kit

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If there is one single piece of your vehicle that needs to be well-maintained, it's your headlights. Not only does oxidation and yellowing of the plastic look bad, it's also a hazard! When your headlights are only working at 75%, you're in danger while driving during inclement weather and at night. Diamondite Restore & Protect Headlight Kit is an easy-to-use and effective system that cleans, restores, and protects your plastic headlights for years to come!

Diamondite Restore & Protect Headlight Kit uses two steps to first clean and restore clarity and then delivery ceramic-based protection. Step 1 is Diamondite Headlight Oxidation Remover - this wipe will clear up yellowing and oxidation on the plastic surfaces without the use of abrasives, heavy solvents, or hazardous ingredients. Instead of having to whip out the electric drill and cutting pad, all you need is a couple swipes of the Diamondite Headlight Oxidation Remover wipe!

Once your headlights have been cleaned and “cleared" with step 1, step 2 is applied to provide long-lasting protection. Diamondite Ceramic Headlight Clear Coating is ceramic-based and will provide protection against UV rays and other elemental contamination for years to come! Water will bead right off of your headlights and the coating won't fade, crack, peel, or discolor! Application is just as simple as step 1 - simply wipe on and walk away.

Cloudy headlights are both hazardous AND ugly - make sure your plastic headlights are restored to their OEM appearance and protected for years to come with Diamondite Restore & Protect Headlight Kit!

Directions for use:

Apply both steps on a cool surface out of direct sunlight.

Step 1:

  1. Rub the saturated Diamondite Headlight Oxidation Remover in a circular motion evenly across the headlight. You'll notice an amber-brown discoloration which means the surface contamination is being removed.
  2. Repeat this process until oxidation is removed.

Step 2:

  1. Put on included gloves.
  2. Wipe Diamondite Ceramic Headlight Clear Coating onto the headlight starting at the top and working your way down using a horizontal path, parallel to the ground – be sure to have a slight overlap for even coverage.
  3. Allow to air dry - do not wipe away excess product.

Coating fully cures in about one hour - it's important to keep the surface away from water or moisture exposure. Use one Diamondite Ceramic Headlight Clear Coating per headlight. Attempting to use more than one may result in streaking. If product gets onto surrounding paint, wipe away immediately.

Diamondite Restore & Protect Headlight Kit includes:

  • 4 qty. Step 1 Diamondite Headlight Oxidation Remover Wipes
  • 2 qty. Step 2 Diamondite Ceramic Headlight Clear Coating Wipes
  • 1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves - Color May Vary
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