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Your soap should work harder than you!

CARPRO Descale Acid Wash is the heavy hitting car wash you've always needed. With the ability to be used as a concentrated deep cleaning wash for heavily neglected paint or diluted down to a safer coating maintenance wash, CARPRO Descale hits a fine balance and deserves a spot in your garage. CARPRO Descale was developed from the ground up to resolve issues that aging coatings experience. Over time minerals from hard water and rain will settle on even the most hydrophobic panels on the market. This “clogging" of coatings reduces the water sheeting abilities and allows for contamination to settle on the surfaces, further diminishing the performance of the product. While this was the original goal for CARPRO Descale, it works in the full circle of the detailing process. From stripping old waxes and sealants, degreasing paint, to cleansing the surface for the polishing process, CARPRO Descale has you covered!

DEEP CLEANS! Removes stubborn road grime and mineral deposits hindering your shine!
CARPRO Descale uses a high pH formulation to cut through tough surface contamination. The powerful cleaning abilities of CARPRO Descale removes built up mineral deposits that form on the surface due to hard water. Once mineral deposits are on the surface, they hinder the hydrophobics and allow road grime to accumulate on the surface. CARPRO Descale removes these deposits and allows your gloss to radiate once again!

VERSATILE! Works on both coated and non-coated surfaces
CARPRO Descale was made with coatings in mind, but it works just as well on uncoated vehicles! Neglected paint accumulates contamination faster than protected paint. If left untreated, this contamination bonds with the surface and makes cleaning the paint even more difficult. The high pH level of CARPRO Descale easily removes these deeper contaminants while still remaining safe for the surface!

STRIPS! High pH level removes waxes, sealants, and prepares the surface for polishing!
You won't want to use CARPRO Descale to maintain a traditional wax or sealant, but it will be perfect for stripping the surface down to apply a fresh coat! CARPRO Descale uses its deep cleaning potential to remove old paint protectants that have lived out their glossier days. This helps speed up your detailing process by condensing two jobs into just one wash!

This is a high pH level cleaner designed to aggressively clean mineral buildup and contamination. It will strip off waxes and sealants.

16 oz.

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