CARPRO Clearcut Compound - 250 ml.

Item Description:

The heaviest compound CarPro’s created yet!

Next-Gen Compound

No silicones or fillers

Removes up to 1000 grit sanding marks

When you’re at your wits end deciding which compound will be best for your heavy swirls and scratches, it’s time to give CARPRO Clearcut Compound a try. The heaviest cutting compound that CARPRO has ever created, CARPRO Clearcut Compound is a fast, heavy, and highly aggressive cutting compound that starts to remove severe paint defects almost instantly. This fast acting abrasive formula contains no fillers – what you see when you’re done compound is what you get!

CARPRO Clearcut Compound features:
• Next-Gen Compound – CARPRO has designed their Clearcut Compound with Next-Gen technology, creating the most technologically advanced abrasives in their line-up. CARPRO Clearcut Compound starts out white, but after only 1-2 passes, the liquid has turned clear and allows you to see the surface as you polish, keeping you informed on how best to proceed.

• Body-Shop Safe – As CARPRO Clearcut Compound contains no fillers or silicone ingredients, it can safely be used in a body-shop setting. In addition to this, the low-dusting nature of CARPRO Clearcut Compound and it’s ability to work well with both dual-action and rotary machines and on either foam, wool, or microfiber pads make CARPRO Clearcut Compound a “clear” winner in the compound category.

Directions for use:
• After priming your pad accordingly, apply 3-4 dime sized drops of product onto your cutting pad.
• Spread product across section.
• Using minimal pressure, polish the surface for 2-3 passes, in a 2 x 2 ft. area. Be sure to increase pressure with each pass to fully remove paint defects.
• Once product has been worked through, wipe away excess product with a clean microfiber towel and inspect work. Repeat if necessary.

250 ml.

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