Threaded Refill Funnels - Set of 3

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Are you sick and tired of accidentally spilling BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Polymer Spray or Total Eclipse Tire Shine when you attempt to refill a smaller spray bottle from a gallon sized jug? We certainly are, and that's why we brought in these nifty Threaded Refill Funnels! Threaded Refill Funnels attach to most bottles ranging from 4 to 35 ounces, making it considerably easier to refill smaller containers from half gallon and gallon-sized jugs. They screw directly onto the bottle, making it less cumbersome to pour the liquid from the larger container into the smaller one. Threaded Refill Funnels fit bottles from most brands, including but not limited to BLACKFIRE Pinnacle, McKee's 37, Diamondite, Wolfgang, Marine 31, Griot's Garage, Duragloss, Optimum Polymer Technologies, and more! Threaded Refill Funnels also feature a spout so if you accidentally overfill the bottle, simple pour the excess back into your half gallon or gallon sized jug. Stop spilling expensive car care products and pick up a set of Threaded Refill Funnels! Set of 3
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