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Glass protection has evolved

BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System is a two-part coating that imparts a super-slick, hydrophobic layer of protection to your glass surfaces. Part 1 is a ceramic coating formula that seals the surface and acts as a uniform layer of protection, and part 2 is the topper that is applied directly on top of part 1 to provide the slick hydrophobicity properties. BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System ensures that your glass will be protected against water spots caused by rain, snow, and sleet, and the increased surface tension will make mud, road grime, and other environmental contaminants easier than ever to clean off. Glass cleaning doesn't have to be hard if your glass is coated with BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System!

When it comes to glass care, there are a lot of options – you could go traditional and only clean your glass with vinegar and newspaper, or you could go modern and only use dedicated glass cleaners with high-end glass cleaning towels. But what if your glass got less dirty and didn't need to be cleaned AT ALL? That's what the BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System can help you achieve! By using a two-step system that provides hydrophobic protection for up to a whole year, your glass will be less likely to hold onto dirt and road grime and when it is time to clean, it'll be easier than ever!

BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System uses two parts – part 1 is the ceramic coating that provides exceptional protection. This is the layer that stops water spots from penetrating into the glass and causing etching. This is the layer that provides the most UV protection. This is the “business" layer.

Step 2 is the “extras" layer. Not that this step isn't important – it just adds even more to the overall performance. Step 2 provides the slickness and hydrophobicity to the surface. This is what causes water to roll off of the surface on contact, rather than dry there and cause potential problems. Step 2 is applied directly on top of step 1 and their adhesion is what creates one of the longest lasting glass coatings available on the market today.


  • Clean surface to be treated with dedicated glass cleaner, like the BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner.
  • For best results, it's recommended that you clay the surface to remove any bonded contamination. After claying (if you go this route), polish the surface using BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover to remove any marring. After polishing, use BLACKFIRE Paint Prep to remove leftover polishing oils that would prevent proper coating bonding.
  • Fully saturate a foam coating applicator with BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System Part 1 and apply directly to the surface using a crosshatch pattern – do not allow to dry!

Pro Tip #1: It's easier if you have an already-saturated foam coating applicator of BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System Part 2 ready before you apply Part 1.

  • Immediately apply BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System Part 2, without wiping part 1 away, using a crosshatch pattern – be sure to have some overlap for complete coverage.
  • Once application of Part 2 is complete, use a microfiber towel to remove any excess product.

Pro Tip #2: Allowing Part 1 to dry before applying Part 2 may cause the coating to fail. Working in small sections at time will help prevent this from happening.

BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System doesn't require any curing time. For best results, and to keep the coating performing its best, reapply BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating Part 2 every 3-4 months.

BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System includes:

  • BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System Part 1 - 15 ml.
  • BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System Part 2 - 15 ml.
  • 2 QTY. Foam Coating Applicators
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