Griots Garage Speed Shine Refill Kit

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The Griots Garage Speed Shine Refill Kit saves you time and money! Griots Garage Speed Shine is a proven spray and wipe cleaner and detailer formula loaded with enough lubrication to get the job done safely. The Griots Garage Speed Shine Refill Kit includes a 22 ounce trigger spray bottle of Griots Garage Speed Shine along with a 128 ounce refill size so you can keep your vehicle free from dust, fingerprints, and smudges no matter what the circumstances! Sure you'd like to wash your vehicle every time a bird drops a bomb n it, but that's not always possible! If you pulled out the hose and bucket every time a curious hand swiped your paint, a bug took its last flight, or you parked in a dusty garage, you wouldn't have any time left to actually drive your car (or go to work, or eat, or…)! Luckily, griots Garage Speed Shine offers a quick and easy solution for light cleaning of your vehicle! Griot's Garage Speed Shine is a wildly popular quick detailer that leaves your vehicle looking like it was just washed in practically no time. Featuring lots of lubrication, this easy-to-use formula lifts dust and contaminants away from the surface where you can safely wipe it away with a soft microfiber towel. The best part is, you can use Speed Shine on virtually any exterior surface, from paint, to glass, chrome, to wheels, and even glass and plastics! For best results use with the Griot's Garage Speed Shine micro Fiber Cloth. This specially designed cloth has a super-deep nap that gives any dirt and grime from the surface a place to go, realty reducing the risk of rubbing debris back onto paint. Kit Includes:
22 oz.. Speed Shine
128 oz. Speed Shine
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