BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish - 8 oz.

Item Description:

Creates an anchor point for you ceramic coating

Formulated with Silica technology

Polishes and preps in a single step

Removes light swirls and scratches

A new, stronger way to correct and prep your paint!

BLACKFIRE Pro Primer provides a solution to time consuming prep work. Pro Primer Polish removes light swirls and scratches while prepping your paint for a paint coating. Formulated with Silica technology, BLACKFIRE Pro Primer removes light imperfections while adding a base layer to create a stronger bond with your coating.

Traditionally, you must remove your paint imperfections then move onto a prep spray to prepare the surface. Prep sprays are usually an alcohol based product designed to strip away any oils, waxes, or sealants that will interfere with the bonding of your paint coating. BLACKFIRE Pro Primer not only skips this step, but improves upon the process. Pro Primer is a non-abrasive, solvent free formula removes any substance that would inhibit the coating and improves upon this by leaving a layer of Silica behind. Silica is a main component in most coatings on the market today. Leaving a layer of the ingredient behind creates an anchor point for the coating to bond to thus improving the bond of the coating.

Not ready to install a coating? BLACKFIRE Pro Primer works as a standalone product. Since Pro Primer contains Silica, it will leave a layer of protection behind that last up to 6 months!


  • For best results, BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish should be applied with a machine polisher.
  • Ensure the surface is cleaned and dried prior to application. Shake well. Apply several quarter-sized drops of product onto a foam polishing or all-in-one pad and spread over the surface while the machine is still off.
  • Turn polisher on low and gradually increase speed and pressure. Work until polish is no longer noticeable and remove the excess product using a clean microfiber buffing towel. Continue around the vehicle.
  • Allow cure time of 1 hour before applying paint coating.

8 oz.

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Designed specifically for long-throw dual action polishers. The dual-density design provides optimum surface contact and withstands extended usage on long-stroke machines.

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By Justin
San Jose, CA
Great Polish and Ceramic Prep, But Does Not Bead Water
September 5, 2022
This Blackfire Pro Polish works very well as a very light cut polish. The surface can be wiped clean prior to ceramic coating, but I still used Blackfireís Paint Prep spray because itís a little quicker. Following the Blackfire kit instructions, my Subaru Outback was still beading water 3 years after application. It has seen a lot of rain and even some snow, so I was surprised at how long it lasted.

Beware, while the Pro Primer Polish says it applies a little ceramic coating that will bead water up to 6 months, donít believe it. In the photo below, you can see water sheeting in a stripe in the middle of the hood where I applied the Pro Polish with a DA a week ago. The rest of the hood was Blackfire ceramic coated three years ago. I would have left it on, but I did need to correct some paint and polishing removes the existing ceramic coat.
Great low cut polish, cleans up well and seems to prep the surface for Blackfire's ceramic coating well. The description is misleading in that it says water will bead from the polished surface for up to 6 months. Water was sheeting off in a week, not beading.