BLACKFIRE Plex Pro - 19 oz.

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Perfect plastics like a pro!

BLACKFIRE Plex Pro is the professional solution to unsightly plastics - and anyone can use it! Formulated without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives, BLACKFIRE Plex Pro provides a safe cleaning option for a variety of different plastics. Plex Pro also leaves a layer of protection behind to prevent your plastics from future damage!

Proper care for plastic is a sensitive situation; cleaners that contain harsh chemicals can fade, stain, or even accelerate the deterioration of the plastic. Honestly, UV rays cause enough damage on their own, so we shouldn't help! BLACKFIRE Plex Pro was formulated without the use of harsh chemicals that could hurt your plastic. It's also a non-abrasive cleaner, so there is no risk of scratching or marring on the most sensitive materials.

Intensive cleaning power isn't the only quality Plex Pro Provides; it also leaves a layer of protection. As you probably already know, plastic is one of the most difficult materials to maintain. This is due to the natural electrostatic charge that most plastics are known to have. This is also why dust always clings to your freshly cleaned dashboard! BLACKFIRE Plex Pro creates an anti-static barrier of protection that will repeal dust away! Plex Pro doesn't stop at just repealing dust, it helps prevent streaks smudges and even fog!

BLACKFIRE Plex Pro can provide significant cleaning power to more than just plastic. Use BLACKFIRE Plex Pro to clean and protect chrome, Formica, porcelain, fiberglass, and marble!


Shake well before use. Holding the can in an upright position approximately 6-8 inches away, spray Plex Pro onto the surface to be treated. If surface is dirty, this spray can be used to clean and a re-spray can be used to polish and protect. Wipe surface using a clean microfiber towel. Additional coats will increase protection and resistance against wear and scratching.

19 oz. Aerosol

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air. This item is shipped by ground service only.

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