Product Application Guide - Blackfire One Step

Product Application Guide - Blackfire One StepProduct Application Guide: BLACKFIRE One Step
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 1-28-19

Don't have time for a full detail? BLACKFIRE One Step is your all in one solution to paint correction! Check out exactly how this product works and the magic it creates on this neglected red paint!

What is BLACKFIRE One Step?

BLACKFIRE One-Step BLACKFIRE One Step is an all-in-one polish and paint sealant that delivers a smooth shine in one quick step. This is a timesaver that will save your paint finish. A combination of cleaners, polishing agents, and BLACKFIRE polymers gives any paint finish instant shine and lasting protection. See what you can accomplish in just one step with BLACKFIRE One Step!

How-To Use BLACKFIRE One Step

When it comes to any job, prep work is a major key to success. This Ford Windstar isn't exactly what we would call a maintained vehicle. While many people think a standard wash is enough to clean the paint, to get a truly beautiful shine, we need to get rid of the embedded contamination. For this, we pull out the BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant and the BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt.
This is the point where you will feel how contaminated the paint really is. In straight back and forth motions, start rubbing the mitt across the lubricated surface. At first this will feel gritty and resistant, then will start to glide freely as you removed the embedded contaminants. Continue around the vehicle using plenty of lubrication to avoid any micro-marring.
Now that the prep work is out of the way, it's time to make the magic happen! BLACKFIRE One Step can be applied by hand or machine. Since we want to take advantage of the abrasives, we are going to use a machine. Prepare a cutting or polishing pad by applying some product and working it evenly into the pad using you fingers. Then apply three dime sized drops to the pad for working product.
Starting at a low speed setting of 1, spread the product out into your working area. Stick to a 2' x 2' area to keep good control of the machine. Now raise the speed up to 5 and start with your section passes. Going vertically down the panel, then horizontally with slight over lap. Repeat for 5-8 section passes.
After completing your first section, check to ensure you are getting the results you want. Every paint reacts differently. Some are softer and may not require as many passes while others may be harder and need more more correction. Once you know you have the right process down, simply repeat until you have nothing but a glorious shine left behind!

Key Product Features

  • Correction abilities: Removes light swirls, dullness, and mild oxidation.
  • Protection Abilities: Up to three months with proper maintenance
  • Performance: Dust-free formula, easy to remove. Can be used by hand or machine.
  • Usage: Safe for clear coats or single stage paints.

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