BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant - 16 oz.

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Give your metal a mirror finish

Don't leave you metal surfaces neglected, keep them protected with BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant! BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant is an acrylic based sealant built to protect every metal surface on your ride! Let's be honest, nothing ruins the appearance of a fully detailed vehicle like a dingy grill or a dirty tailpipe. After investing the time to polish and brighten that metal back to its former glory, do you really want to leave exposed to all the elements that got it to that point? Yeah, we didn't think so!

BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant uses a specialized form of acrylic to shield you metal surfaces form impending contamination. That's right, BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant protects against corrosion, scratches, UV light, water spots, and many other forms of contamination! And don't worry, all this is done with an easy to use formulation that can be applied in a matter of minutes!

Don't leave you metal exposed to mutilation, seal it with BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant!

Directions For Use:

*Note: Do not apply onto a hot surface or in direct sunlight

By Hand:
Apply a pea-sized amount of product onto a foam or microfiber applicator and apply a thin layer onto the metal surface. Allow to dry completely before buffing off residue using a clean microfiber towel.

By Machine:
Apply several pea-sized drops of product onto a foam polishing or finishing pad and attach to your machine polisher. Spread over the surface before turning your machine onto low and working the product over a 2x2 sq. ft. area. Allow to dry completely before buffing off residue using a clean microfiber towel.

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