BLACKFIRE Foam Booster - 16 oz.

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Take chemistry into your own hands, turn any auto wash into foaming soap!

BLACKFIRE Foam Booster utilizes a special formula to transform your favorite car wash into a foaming wash! Adding an ultra-concentrated blend of lubricity agents and polymers, BLACKFIRE Foam Booster will enhance your auto wash to provide a safer wash for your finish!

The amount of foam can make or break a car wash and sometimes you just need a little extra! If your wash and wax gives you the shine you love but lacks on suds, BLACKFIRE Foam Booster can bridge the gap to give you the auto wash your truly desire!

BLACKFIRE Foam Booster isn't a stand alone wash, just simply the “vitamins" your wash needs to become the foaming wash you need!

Directions for use: To transform any standard car wash into a foaming shampoo, simply add Foam Booster to your car wash bottle or to the car wash shampoo already in your foam cannon, foam gun, or wash bucket for an increased amount of suds produced. BLACKFIRE Foam Booster is extremely concentrated – a little goes a long way!

16 oz.

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