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What Makes This Product Unique? 1. Most tire shine products on the market are simply dressings; they sit on the surface of the tire and make it look shiny. This does little good for the long term health of the your tires. Tire Conditioner penetrates deep into the rubber in order to restore essential nutrients into your tires. Fading, drying out and cracking are all reasonable expectations if your tires go untreated. With Tire Conditioner you won't have to worry about any of these issues. 2. Have you ever applied a dressing to your tire just to drive off and have it splatter all over the side of your car? Yea, us too. But with Tire Conditioner's revolutionary no sling formula you'll never have this concern again. Apply Tire Conditioner properly and you can rest assured knowing that it'll stay there. 3. Another feature of Tire Conditioner that we love is that you can adjust how glossy it is. Some people like their tires looking extra shiny, whereas others simply want the protection Tire Conditioner can provide without the wet look that's unavoidable with tire dressings. By simply wiping your tire down after application you can make your tires look as shiny or as matte as you want. Tire Conditioner should not be applied to soiled or wet surfaces. For maximum results, clean tires with Dr. Beasley's Premium Wheel Cleanser, then prep with Exterior pH Neutralizer before applying Tire Conditioner. Directions
  1. Apply the product by spreading evenly, leaving behind a clear, glossy finish.
  2. For less shine, continue wiping until desired level of gloss remains.
Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface. Cross sales
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