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Matte paint requires specialized care, whether it's on a car's body or its wheels. Matte Tire Conditioner is formulated to safely and effectively restore and protect tires. Many traditional tire dressings contain silicones, oils, and other shine-inducing ingredients that shouldn't be anywhere near matte surfaces. Even with the most precise application of a shiny tire conditioner on a matte car, there's risk of sling or cross contamination. Once that shine is on matte, the surface will appear blotchy and uneven. Matte Tire Conditioner contains no silicones, oils, or other fillers that cause shine. It's thick and concentrated for extremely easy application. This product will not sling. No need to worry about cracking or fading either, as Matte Tire Conditioner will restore faded tires in addition to protecting them from future UV damage. This tire conditioner is dye free and safe to use on vehicles with matte paint, matte vinyl wraps, matte powder coated wheels, or any other sensitive surfaces. On your freshly cleaned and dried tires, use our easy grip tire conditioner applicator and a penny sized amount of Matte Tire Conditioner. A little of this concentrated product goes a long way, so an 8oz tube will last you multiple applications. Directions:
  1. Make sure tire has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  2. Apply Matte Tire Conditioner to an applicator and spread evenly across the surface of the tire.
  3. After fully covering the surface wipe up any excess product for a clear, matte look.
Dr. Beasley's Suggests: Use 1⁄2 ounce of Tire Conditioner for each tire. Remove all excess product and let sit for several minutes before driving vehicle. Can be used on exterior plastic and trim. Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.
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