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If you've got a car with a matte finish then you know that it needs extra attention. Matte paint has flattening agents which can't be cleaned by traditional car wash soaps. Regular car wash soaps work great for regular paint surfaces, but they contain fillers and glossing agents which can ruin your matte paint. We've formulated Matte Body Wash so that it contains no fillers or glossing agents meaning it's perfect for your matte paint. It will remove dirt, bugs, and other debris while leaving behind a flat, even sheen. We've run into a lot of people who swear by using dish detergents to clean their matte paint. This can be just as harmful as using a car wash soap not designed for matte paint surfaces. Dish detergent is not designed for painted surfaces, and will dry out your paint, making it more likely to fade and crack. This matte car wash soap contains pH balanced surfactants which nourish your paint keeping it healthy and less prone to drying out. Its pH balanced formula also means that it won't strip Matte Paint Coating so you don't have to worry about leaving your car unprotected after it gets washed. Directions
  1. Add Matte Body Wash to empty bucket. (Dilution: 2 generous capfuls of soap per gallon of water used)
  2. Add water and agitate with wash pad to generate suds.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle.
  4. Begin washing car from top to bottom, section by section. Rinse wash pads often to remove dirt.
  5. After car has been thoroughly washed, rinse until all foam and suds are removed.
  6. Dry vehicle with soft, clean microfiber towels. (If following with Matte Paint Coating do not dry)
Tip: Wash car at least twice per month to keep finish clean. Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.
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