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Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 Inch Polishing Pads are specifically engineered to work with Griots Garage BOSS G15 and Griots Garage G21 Long Throw Random Orbital Polishers to create a flawless finish on your vehicle’s paint. These versatile pads are available in four foam compositions with a microfiber pad available for use with heavier paint defects. All of the components of the Griots Garage BOSS lineup work in perfect sync with one another to help every level of detailer achieve the best results possible. Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 Inch Polishing Pads are small in stature, but engineered to withstand the punishing power of the BOSS G15 and G21 polishers. BOSS Polishing Pads are lightweight and easy to maneuver. At only 8 millimeters (5/8’) thick, these pads stay balanced and offer a more efficient transfer of energy than thick, bulky pads can. The thin profile of the pads also reduces the amount of product that can be absorbed, so you’ll find yourself using less product while achieving better results! All of the Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 Inch Polishing Pads feature a beveled edge to maximize the coverage area of the pad face and create an extra facet of protection against accidental contact between the backing plate and the paint. The reticulated open-cell foam and carefully placed center hole help with heat dissipation, greatly reducing damaging heat buildup. Less heat means that your Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 Inch Polishing Pads will last longer than other polishing pads! The massive throw of both the Griots Garage G15 and G21 polishers requires a set of pads that can stand up to the incredible force created by that throw. That’s why each Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 Inch Polishing Pad is equipped with premium micro-hook backing that keeps pads firmly in place. The backing is held to the pads with a thermoset bond that is extremely resistant to heat and chemicals, and completely machine washable. If you’re unsure of which pad to use for your detailing project, Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 Inch Polishing Pads make it easy to decide. They are color-coded to correspond with BOSS Creams, making the choice simple, and when you need to take a more aggressive approach, the BOSS Micro Fiber Pad provides even more correction capability! BOSS Polishing pads are sold in handy zip-sealed Mylar two-packs that make storing pads before and after use more convenient. Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 Inch Polishing Pads are available in the following compositions:
Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 inch Microfiber Pad - 2 Pack

Microfiber Pad
The plush, dense, 10mm pile of the Griots BOSS Micro Fiber Pad offers maximum cut for defect removal. Pair the Micro Fiber Pad with Griots BOSS Correcting Creams for fast and effective correction of swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, water spots, and more.

Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 inch White Correcting Pad - 2 Pack

White Foam FAST Correcting Pad
The Griots BOSS White Foam FAST Correction Pad offers the greatest level of cut in the BOSS foam pad lineup. The firm, euro-foam composition corrects moderate to severe paint defects like swirls and scratches when paired with BOSS Correcting Creams.

Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 inch Orange Correcting Pad

Orange Foam Correcting Pad
The Griots BOSS Orange Foam Correcting Pad features firm euro-foam designed to correct light to moderate paint imperfections. Pair the orange pad with BOSS Correcting Cream to eliminate paint defects and leave a smooth finish behind.

Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 inch Yellow Perfecting Pad - 2 Pack

Yellow Foam Perfecting Pad
The versatile BOSS Yellow Foam Pad is a true multi-purpose pad. It has the mechanical cutting ability to remove light defects when used with a Perfecting Cream, but is also capable of creating a perfectly smooth, show car shine on paint that has already been corrected.

Griots Garage BOSS 5.5 inch Black Finishing Pad - 2 Pack

Black Foam Finishing Pad
This ultra-soft foam pad is ideal for use with BOSS Finishing Sealant. The pad does not have any mechanical cutting ability, it simply finishes and perfects even the most delicate paints leaving the surface smooth and glossy.

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