Griots Garage 3 inch BOSS Foam and Microfiber Pads - 6 Pack

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Griots Garage 3 inch BOSS Foam and Microfiber Pads are specially designed pads that work in conjunction with the compact BOSS Micro Rotary Polisher. At just three inches, these compact pads allow you to polish areas that traditional, full sized pads can’t reach. Griots Garage 3 inch BOSS Foam and Microfiber Pads are the perfect complement for the Griots Garage BOSS Micro Rotary Polisher, or your Griots 3 inch or 6 inch dual action polisher. Polishing your car is an art form, and every artist needs the proper tools and techniques to create a masterpiece. And that generally means owning multiple machine polishers for varying tasks throughout your detailing process. You’ll want to have a larger machine for larger areas, a rotary machine for really tough imperfections, and you’ll definitely need a smaller machine setup for tight spaces. Whether you retrofit your Griots Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher with a smaller backing plate, or use a smaller a machine like the Griots Garage 3 Inch Random Orbital Polisher or BOSS Air Micro Polisher, you’ll want to have the best pads. You’ll want Griots Garage 3 inch BOSS Foam and Microfiber Pads! Griots Garage 3 inch BOSS Foam Pads are composed of open-cell foam to promote venting, while the microfiber version features a plush nap to annihilate tough imperfections. Each pad is equipped with a center hole’these pads are actually designed to have reduced heat buildup, making them more durable! Griots Garage 3 inch BOSS Foam and Microfiber Pads are manufactured using Thermo-Set Bond, which attaches the pad to the backing material, and keeps it there! And just in case you’re working long hours, the chamfered edge helps eliminate the risk of accidental marring from the backing plate making contact with paint, and they’re color-coded to make choosing the right BOSS Correcting Cream a no-brainer! Griots Garage 3 inch BOSS Foam and Microfiber Pads are available in the following compositions:
Griots Garage BOSS 3 inch Microfiber Pad

Microfiber Pad
The plush, dense, 10mm pile of the Griots BOSS Micro Fiber Pad offers maximum cut for defect removal. Pair the Micro Fiber Pad with Griots BOSS Correcting Creams for fast and effective correction of swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, water spots, and more.

Griots Garage BOSS 3 inch White Correcting Pad

White Foam FAST Correcting Pad
The Griots BOSS White Foam FAST Correction Pad offers the greatest level of cut in the BOSS foam pad lineup. The firm, euro-foam composition corrects moderate to severe paint defects like swirls and scratches when paired with BOSS Correcting Creams.

Griots Garage BOSS 3 inch Orange Correcting Pad

Orange Foam Correcting Pad
The Griots BOSS Orange Foam Correcting Pad features firm euro-foam designed to correct light to moderate paint imperfections. Pair the orange pad with BOSS Correcting Cream to eliminate paint defects and leave a smooth finish behind.

Griots Garage BOSS 3 inch Yellow Perfecting Pad

Yellow Foam Perfecting Pad
The versatile BOSS Yellow Foam Pad is a true multi-purpose pad. It has the mechanical cutting ability to remove light defects when used with a Perfecting Cream, but is also capable of creating a perfectly smooth, show car shine on paint that has already been corrected.

Griots Garage BOSS 3 inch Black Finishing Pad

Black Foam Finishing Pad
This ultra-soft foam pad is ideal for use with BOSS Finishing Sealant. The pad does not have any mechanical cutting ability, it simply finishes and perfects even the most delicate paints leaving the surface smooth and glossy.

Griots Garage 3 inch BOSS Foam and Microfiber Pads can be washed and reused again and again! Use a Foam Pad Conditioning Brush to keep them working their best on the fly, then wash them with McKee’s 37 Polishing Pad Rejuvenator to ensure a long working life for your pads!
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