Griots Garage BOSS 1 Inch Microfiber Pad - 6 Pack

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Durable euro-foam interface improves conformability over body contours

Delivers high pad rotation speeds for maximum correction power

Provides dynamic cutting action to eliminate severe defects

Produces an industry leading finish

Amplify your correction power!

The Griotís BOSS Microfiber Cutting Pads are the next step past the BOSS Foam Correction pads and are designed to address deeper imperfections in harder paint types. The low-profile 5/8-inch euro-foam base provides a sturdy support to help the pad contour to the panels for maximum effectiveness. The plush fiber nap is designed to deliver a strong level of cut while reducing matting. The Griotís BOSS Microfiber Cutting Pads features a centered intercooling hole to resist heat buildup on the pad face and eliminate pad dishing and other surface damage.

1 Inch Microfiber Pads - 6 Pack

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