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3D Wash N Wax uses a simple formula of car wash and carnauba wax to create a high performing car wash that not only removes dirt, dust, and other surface contaminants but also leaves behind a layer of freshly applied carnauba wax. Car already waxed with your favorite paste wax? Use 3D Wash N Wax to maintain that finish and restore any areas where the wax may have failed. 3D Wash N Wax is pH-balanced and will not strip your paint sealant, wax, or paint coating – rather, it enhances them! 3D Wash N Wax features:
• pH Balanced Formula – Containing no harsh chemicals or solvents, 3D Wash N Wax will not strip your vehicle's paint of protective abilities provided from previously applied products. In fact, thanks to the included liquid carnauba wax, 3D Wash N Wax will enhance and maintain that layer of protection – residue free! All that's left is a shining layer of gloss! • Highly-concentrated – 3D Wash N Wax is highly concentrated and allows you to select your desired level of product. Dilute 1:128 (that's just 1 oz. of product per gallon of water!) for your standard car wash. Directions for use:
• Mix 1 oz. of 3D Wash N Wax per gallon of water in a 5 gallon bucket and activate suds using a strong jet of water.
• Using your favorite wash mitt, wash the entire surface of the car, starting at the top and working your way down.
• Rinse off immediately and follow best-practice of drying after rinsing.
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