Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax

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Wax-like protection from a car shampoo! If you like to save time – and who doesn't? – you should try Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax. This revolutionary formula contains dispersed wax, unlike most wash and wax formulas. Dispersed wax remains on the paint after rinsing, so you don't get the illusion of wax, you get real wax protection!
Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax is a great way to boost and prolong the existing car wax on your vehicle. This wash contains real carnauba wax and polymers that restore a deep, glossy shine to the paint. These high quality ingredients do not strip wax – they preserve and reinforce wax for a deeper, longer lasting shine. It wouldn't be a wash-n-wax if it didn't also clean the paint! Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax contains highly effective cleaning agents that lift dirt and grime off the vehicle. Plenty of lubrication and long lasting suds help prevent wash-induced swirls as you gently wash away the soil. The polymers further help guard the paint from swirls. Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax is just one way of protecting your vehicle from swirls. You can also use the two-bucket wash system. Fill one bucket with soapy water. Fill a second bucket with clean water. Each time you need to reload your mitt with soap, rinse the mitt first in the clean water. All the dirt you've just taken from the vehicle will float off in the rinse bucket. This technique keeps you wash water clean so no dirt is transferred back to the vehicle. After washing, use Meguiars Water Magnet Drying Towel to prevent water spots. If you're going to use a wash and wax in one, use the one with real dispersed carnauba wax. Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax leaves real wax on the paint for a deep, slick shine! 48 oz.
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