3D Super Soap - 128 oz.

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Super Soap, Superior Results!

3D Super Soap is powerful wash formula designed to remove the common contamination that your car collects during regular use. The pH balanced formula is an impeccable choice for a maintenance wash and the thick foaming formula easily encapsulates contamination, so you are still left with a swirl free finish. 3D designed Super Soap to be highly concentrated, and by that we mean it's outlandishly concentrated! Just a ½ oz. to 1 oz. per 5 gallons of water is all that is needed.

Choosing the right wash is a vital step in your car care procedure. If you pick something too aggressive, you'll strip off your paint's protecting leaving it exposed to the elements. You'll want to opt for a pH balanced formula. This will ensure you are left with clean surface that still has the protection you put on it!

3D Super Soap's powerful pH balanced formula only washes away what you don't want. Grime, road film, and dirt are easily dissolved while your wax or sealant sticks around to keep protecting your finish!

Even though a pH balanced formula is important, so is a paint friendly wash. 3D Super Soap is formulated to provide a thick, dense foam that fully encapsulates contamination. This processes safely lifts the dirt off the surface and reduces the amount of agitation needed. Once finished, 3D Super Soap easily rinses off without leaving any residue behind!

Dilution: 3D Super Soap can be diluted up to 1800:1. Dilution can vary depending on the strength needed. Dilution levels will range between ½ oz. per 5 gallons of water to 1 oz. per 5 gallons of water.

128 oz.

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