3D LVP Conditioner - 128 oz

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The cleanest car is only as clean as the interior.

The 3D LVP Conditioner is a multipurpose interior cleaner and protectant that is suitable for cleaning most, if not all, of your interior surfaces! Your interior will smell like it was just installed and look beautiful again. All while leaving a layer of protection that will protect against UV rays and finish with a low gloss, leaving you out of harms way from glare.

A clean exterior seems to be the talk of the detailing world, but what happens when you take a seat in the drivers or passengers' seat? Suddenly, you are in a brand-new world. Wouldn't you want that world to be protected from dangers and smell refreshing and instead of stale fries? You hold your exterior to high standard; shouldn't you do the same for your interior?

The 3D LVP Conditioner was fabricated to give those who want to keep their interior looking and feeling great! This multi-purpose cleaner will rid your car from toxic odors and leave your interior with a breath of fresh air! The 3D LVP Conditioner is made to work on vinyl, rubber, plastic and even treated leather!

The chemists who developed the 3D LVP Conditioner used a unique blend of conditioners, oils, and synthetic protectants that work together to provide a layer of protection to the surface, but also hydrate the surface and prevents it from drying out, which is very important when considering using it on treated leathers.

Cars move fast. Very fast. And glare in your eyes can become an extreme safety hazard to not only you and the passengers in your vehicle, but also the people around. That is why the 3D LVP Conditioner is made to dry to a low gloss, leaving the interior with a nice, safe finish.

Compliment the exterior with an equally beautiful interior with the 3D LVP Conditioner!


Not for use on untreated leather. Shake well before using.

Apply a small amount of 3F LVP Conditioner to a damp microfiber applicator.

Apply the product to the entire surface using a circular motion. Buff any excess product with a clean, dry microfiber towel.

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