3D Super Citrus APC - 128 oz.

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3D Super Citrus APC forgoes the limitations that most cleaners are paired with. 3D created a formula that can break down into quite a copious amount of cleaner. That is something professionals and enthusiasts alike can rejoice over! 3D Super Citrus APC is a fundamental product for professionals due to its ultra-concentrated formula, but that doesn't mean the weekend warrior can't benefit from this as well! 3D Super Citrus APCs functional formula can tackle tough jobs like dirt, grease, tar, bugs, and tree sap, yet is still gentle enough for upholstery and leather. With simple, straight forward dilution ratios, 3D Super Citrus APC can be an asset to any detailer.

All-purpose cleaners are an invaluable resource to any pro-detailer. While some surfaces require special treatment, many can be taken care of with a quality APC. Plus, the investment into a cleaner for every category of your car will get costly. Therefore many pro-detailers depend on multi-use products. 3D Super Citrus APC eliminates the need for an excess of different products. Simply mix the proper dilution ratio and attack road grime, bugs and even tree sap! No need to stop there, now you can move on into the interior, and you guessed it, with the same cleaner! The same 3D Super Citrus APC that just demolished those dead bugs is just as safe and effective for your upholstery and leather. 3D Super Citrus APC has 3 different dilution ratios to adapt and clean just about any surface on 4 wheels!

The concentration level of 3D Super Citrus APC is another profitable aspect of this product, whether you're a pro or not. Ready to use all-purpose cleaners are just making you pay for the convenience to open the bottle and be ready to work. Need more power? ,no problem! 3D Super Citrus APC has 3 dilution ratios for any interior or exterior use you can think of!

Dilution Ratios:

  • Regular Strength: 45:1 (3 oz. to 1-gallon water)
  • Extra Strength: 40:1 (3.5 oz. to 1-gallon water)
  • Super Strength: 37:1 (4 oz. to 1-gallon water)
  • Max Strength: 28:1 (4.5 oz. to 1-gallon water)


Dilute 3D Super Citrus APC to the required strength. Spray 3D Super Citrus APC directly onto the surface and scrub with a bristle brush. For leather, dilute to regular strength and agitate with using a microfiber towel or horse hair brush. Rinse of well and wipe off as needed.

128 oz.

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