3D Refreshing Jasmine Hand Sanitizer - 16 oz.

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66% Isopropyl alcohol - per FDA recommendation

Formulated with moisturizer to prevent dry skin

Powerful strength decreases number of germs on skin

Refreshing jasmine fragrance

Your car isnít the only thing you should keep clean!

3D Refreshing Jasmine Hand Sanitizer is a fresh smelling hand sanitizer that will easly help you keep you hand clean on the go. Formulated to FDA standards, 3D Refreshing Jasmine Hand Sanitizer contains 66% isopropyl alcohol to cleanse your hands of any harmful germs. 3D Refreshing Jasmine Hand Sanitizer isnít just a hand sanitizer, it doubles as a moisturizer too! Not only does this help your skin, it also helps preventing dry skin from the isopropyl alcohol content. Top that with its fresh jasmine scent, and you have a perfect combo from the chemist of 3D!

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