3D Wipe - 16 oz.

Item Description:

Formulate to prepare the surface for ceramic coating application

Removes oils, grease, and previous waxes that would prevent bonding

Can be used on paint, glass, plastic, rubber, and metal

Easy to use and body shop safe

WIPE-out any risk to your ceramic coating application

3D Wipe is a specialized cleaner formulated to prepare the surface for application of a ceramic coating or other protectant. 3D Wipe removes oils, grease, and other contaminates that would inhibit the bond of a ceramic coating. While this is required with ceramic coatings, it is also beneficial to the application of other popular protectants that are more forgiving in the application process. 3D Wipe creates a pure, clean surface that maximizes the bond of your favorite wax or sealant for the best performance. 3D Wipe is body shop safe and can be used on everything from paint and glass, to plastics and rubber!

  • Spray the surface
  • Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe off remaining product.
  • Apply as many times as needed

16 oz.

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